Kalar Youth Centre

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This center was opened in 2002. The center offers educational opportunities for cultural and artistic development of the youth in Kalar.

The total number of beneficiaries in the year 2018 reached 12,596 youths. Some of the activities for the year 2018 include : Opening 19 computer courses for different computer programs in which 926 youths benefitted, opening 12 musical courses for different musical instruments in which 534 youths benefitted as well as conducting 2 concerts and 2 art activity, opening 23 sculpting courses in which 439 youths benefitted as well as opening 5 sculpting gallery, opening 23 English courses, 2 Arabic Courses, 4 Farsi Courses and 12 subject advancement courses in which 1,893 youths benefitted, opening 15 hairdressing courses, 16 sewing courses and 4 cosmetology courses in which 588 youths benefitted, opening 19 different sport courses in which 1,508  youths benefitted and Conducting many seminars and workshops in which 1087 youths are beneficiated.