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Halabja Youth Centre

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This center was founded on August 20th 2008 to offer youth development services to the youth in Halabja through its various departments. Although the Youth Activity Center building, rented by KSC, is small the center team continues to provide quality services to the youth in the area, which is provided through the centers different departments.


The total number of beneficiaries for the year 2015 reached 4906 youths. Some of the activities for the year 2015 include: Opening 24 musical courses for different musical instruments in which 301 youths benefitted, as well as conducting a number of concerts, opening 3 sculpting courses in which 180 youths benefitted as well as opening 1 art exhibition, opening 4 English courses in which 109 youths benefitted, opening 10 sewing courses in which 141 youths benefitted and conducting 2 poetry readings. The total number of beneficiaries for the sport department reached 2028 youths.