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Darbandikhan Youth Centre

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The Darbandikhan Youth Activity Center was established in September 1999.  We have expanded our departments to provide a variety of different activities and departments to benefit as many youth as possible.


The total number of beneficiaries for the year 2015 reached 16632 youths. Some of the activities for the year 2015 include : Opening  3 computer courses  for different computer programs in which 25 youths benefitted , opening 8  music courses for different musical instruments in which 136 youths benefitted as well as conducting 12 musical activities , opening 6 English courses in which 61 youths benefitted , opening 3 hairdressing courses in which 60 youths benefitted , opening 3 sewing courses in which 54 youths benefitted  and opening 2 art exhibitions . The sports department opened a group of diverse courses including: 13 football courses, 5 tennis courses, 5 chess courses and 2 volleyball courses, as well as conducting sport festivals in schools. Managing the sports training center that consists of 300 youths, as well as conducting 7 bike races and 1 swimming competition.