The signing of an understanding memorandum about the Re-Education campaign

For education and children’s education, the Kurdistan Save the Children is announced with the Ministry of Education, and the support of The Unicef Campaign Back to Learning.

Today, 19/10/2020, the Kurdistan Save the Children, with support of  The Ministry of  Education and UNICEF, signed an understanding memorandum with Education directorate of The Province of Selmania with the aim of returning children who have been separated from school or have not attended school.

The return to learning campaign covers areas of ‘Sulaimaniyah City Centre, Sadsadiq, Camelmel, Ranya and Beshard’. This is for the purpose of identifying children who are separated from school or who do not go to school.

The campaign lasts two months, with 21 mobile teams conducting research in different areas of Sulaimaniyah province in an effort to get the children back to study and gather information about these children

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