Psychosocial Support for Patients with cancer on World Cancer Day in Sulaimani

On Wold Cancer Day, with cooperation with the Ministry of Health and AVI Organization for Health Awareness & Development,a marathon was held in Sulaimani city to support cancer patients, in which the world’s longest Ribbon was presented. The event was sponsored by Kurdistan Save the Children, Kurd Sat Broadcasting Corporation and Korak Telecom.



















































The length of the Ribbon was (7300) meters, it was laid out up a mountain in Sulaimani and decorated with signatures and supportive messages for survivors and encouraging messages for those currently undergoing treatment. A representative of the Guinness Book of Wold Records attended the marathon to put the ribbon in the Kurdistan Region into the Guinness Book.


































Since 2014, KSC has prioritized bringing hope to children with cancer and their families. KSC provides psychological, social, and financial support for these children at Hiwa Hospital/Sulaimani, Nanakali Hospital/Erbil, Zhin Centre/Duhok.

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