Giving more importance to the cancer-stricken children

According to the data and researches, the prevalence of cancer among children increases day after day in Kurdistan region and Iraq. Therefore, Kurdistan Save the Children( as a children specific organization) gives more and more importance to the projects which support and serve cancer-stricken children. Kurdistan Save the Children in it’s effort for this purpose conducted a number of activities:

* On the 22nd of November 2018, with attendance of Hiwa , Nanakaly hospital, Zhin center and Bone marrow transplantation center’s senior doctors and nurses conducted a symposium at Titanic hotel/Sulaimany, to prepare for a scientific conference about pediatric cancer and discuss the importance of having a scientific team among the aforementioned hospitals.

* On the 21st of November 2018, 50 gifts were allotted to the children who are receiving treatment at Hiwa hospital by Jihan Group for Student Activities. Special thanks to Jihan Group for their support and cooperation.

* On the 19th November 2018, Kurdistan Save the Children with some volunteer’s assistance organized a birthday celebration for the children who are receiving treatment at Nanakaly hospital. Moreover, after playing some games at Smileland, some gifts were allotted to the children. Special thanks to Smileland for their assistance and support.

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