Youth Ability Development Program

The number of courses and conducting activities.

August and the beginning of the month of Kurdistan:

Youth Activity Center- Ranya: 1- Conducting two seminars (first: synonyms principles and formation, second: photography).

Youth Activity Center- Darbandixan: 1- Opening a number of courses including English language / 90 youth, hairdressing / 33 youth, photography / 8 youth, computer / 8 youth, and volleyball / 120 youth. 2- Opening 2 exhibitions (art and clothing) for course beneficiaries. 3- Conducting a forum under the title (working-out insures health).

Youth Activity Center- Kalar: 1- Opening an air conditioner for 15 youth. 2- Conducting a workshop about time management that lasted 2 days. 3- Conducting 2 championships (table tennis and chess) with 92 youth participants.

Youth Activity Center- Khanaqeen: 1- Conducting 2 art courses (oil painting and art patterns) for 75 youth. 2- Conducting a hairdressing campaign for 250 refugee children by 45 youth beneficiaries of the hairdressing course.

Halabja’s Youth Activity Center – Halabja: 1- Conducting an artwork by Halabja’s Health Directorate.

Youth Activity Center- Shorsh: 1- opening a course.

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