Youth Ability Development Program in June and July:

Kurdistan Save the Children provides an environment for youth at the Youth Activity Centers that offer opportunities to discover and reach their full potential.

Some of youth center activities in the month June and July:

* Koya Youth Center: opened a (sewing/40 youth, English language/30 youth, vocational electricity/20 youth, hairdressing/43 youth, art/22 youth and music/43 youth) course.

* Khanaqeen Youth Center: opened a (art/30 youth, conditioner repair/35 youth, English language/42 youth, music/31 youth, and sewing/49 youth) course.

* Darbandixan Youth Center: opened a (hairdressing/30 youth, art/10 youth, English Language/30 youth and music/16 youth) course.

* Kalar Youth Center: opened a daf drum (23 youth) and art (18 youth) course.

* Sulamani Youth Center: opened a hairdressing (60) and cosmetology (20 youth) course.

* Ranya Youth Center: opened an English language and subject advancement course for 12th grade students.

* Shorsh Youth Center: opened an English Language and sewing course.

* Halabja Youth Center: 1- opened (art, English language, music and Turkish language) courses. 2- The center’s music course visited Germany to participate in the National Cultural Festival.

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