Youth Ability Development Program

During the summer break, the Youth Activity Center’s doors are open to all youth without differentiation.

In the 2nd half of May and beginning of June the centers conducted a number of activities, such as:

* The Youth Activity Center-Shorsh Opened a hairdressing course for 10 youth.

* The Youth Activity Center-Khanaqeen opened a (table tennis course for 40 youth, English course for 40 youth, a sewing course for 50 women and a volleyball championship for 18 youth).

* The Youth Activity Center- Kalar opened an art exhibition for south and eastern Kurdistan caricature artists which consisted of 150 paintings at.

* The Youth Activity Center- Darbandixan conducted 2 football championships (1- for 32 teams in Darbandixan, 2- for 120 teachers in 12 schools).

* The Youth Activity Center- Ranya ended a hairdressing course in which 14 youth participated for 25 days.

* The Youth Activity Center- Sulaimani in coordination with Kurdistan Chess Federation conducted a chess championship for children aged 8-12.

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