World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day which falls on the 20th of June is a day to show our support to refugee families who have been forced to flee their homes to escape war, persecution or terror.  Kurdistan Save the Children to help assist and support refugee children manages 4 Child Friendly Spaces in coordination with UNICEF at (Peramagrun, Barzinja, Tazade and Ashty) Refugee Camps and manages  (The Children’s Cultural Center- Arbat and Kaziwa Nursery) at Arbat Refugee Camp.

Kurdistan Save the Children, to show our support and bring back smiles to children’s faces, conducted a number of activities in celebration of the day which included: an art exhibition, a dance performance and the distribution of leaflets and posters to raise awareness about cholera disease and prevention. At the end of the activity gifts were distributed to the children.




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