Welcoming the summer season

Kurdistan Save the Children’s Education Programme provides a number of courses and activities for children with the purpose of developing their skills and creating an environment that protects their rights.

KSC’s Education Programme conducted a number of activities in the month of June:

* With the school season coming to an end, the Children’s Cultural Centers opened their subject strengthening courses in 5 kaziwas which include (art, sport and language development) courses.  (Sarshaqam Kaziwa- 164 beneficiaries, Sara Kaziwa- 226 beneficiaries, Chwarta Kaziwa-206 beneficiaries, Bazyan Kaziwa-267 beneficiaries, Arbat Kaziwa-421 beneficiaries)

* the Child Friendly Spaces at the internally displaced and refugee camps surrounding the Sulaimani province conducted their monthly sport and art activities with the participation of (163 children in Barzinja, 545 children in Ashti and 273 children in Peramgrun) camps to help bring  back smiles to the children’s faces.

*the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Special Educational Needs conducted eye examinations for all the child beneficiaries at West-Eye Hospital for the 2nd time. With thanks to West-Eye Hospital for providing the service free of charge.

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