Youth Ability Development Program

Kurdistan Save the Children provides an environment for youth at the Youth Activity Centers that offers opportunities to discover and reach their full potential.

Some of the centers’ activities in the month of June: 

* The Youth Center- Shorsh opened strengthening courses for 9th grade English and math subjects and 12th grade English.

* the Youth Center- Khanaqeen: 1- opened an air-conditioner repair vocational course for 32 youth, 2- ended a table tennis course in which 40 youth participated, 3- organized an open English discussion for 35 youth.4- ended a volleyball course that lasted 3 weeks.

* The Youth Center- Darbandixan: 1-provides academic physical training daily for 112 trainees, 2- opened a new football course.

* The Youth Center- Sulaimani opened a new English course for 25 students.

* The Youth Center-Ranya: 1- opened a strengthening course for 12th grade physics, 2- opened an English language course.


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