Pediatric Cancer is Curable

In addition to providing psychological and social support, KSC supports cancer-stricken children by coordinating and facilitating between the families, children and health centers throughout treatment durations in Sulaimani, Erbil and Duhok.

Kurdistan Save the Children’s Children with Cancer Project activities:

*On the 29/4/2017, with the assistance of artist volunteers organized an art exhibition in support of cancer-stricken children at Ahmed Shawqi Hall in Sulaimani which consisted of 39 paintings. Thanks and appreciation to the volunteers and Sulaimani Public Library.

*On the 18/5/2017 organized a Rainbow Trip for 20 cancer-stricken children at Hewa Hospital/Sulaimani to Mergapan resort with the attendance of the children’s families and KSC volunteers. Thanks to Kosar Tourist Community for providing a pergola and resting area free of charge.

* Due to a shortage of Vincristine prescriptive chemotherapy drug at Hewa Hospital, KSC provided the hospital with 67 pieces of the prescriptive drug in which 134 children benefitted from.

* On the 16/5/2017 organized a rainbow trip for cancer stricken children at Nanakaly hospital/Erbil to Mega Mall to play games and watch a movie at the cinema. Thanks to Hafta Bazzar for kindly sponsoring the trip.

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