Ending Child Exploitation and Labour

With the aim of decreasing the rate of children under the age of 15 who are exploited by their guardians and are forced into child labour and begging on street corners, in traffic and in Sulaimani Bazzar, Kurdistan Save the Children on the 16/5/2017  presented interested parties with a proposal to solve the problem in coordination with the  Sulaimani mayor, Sulaimani’s General Directorate of Social Care and Development and the attendance of International NGOs, Juvenile Court, a prosecutor and Sulaimani Police. The proposal was discussed and further explained to improve and clarify the project in the mayor’s office.

An outline of the proposal consisted of 2 mobile teams of juvenile police and social workers to protect investigate and identify children that are exploited and forced into child labour and begging. As well as establishing a home as a temporary place to take care of children whose highest interest requires them to stay in these homes for their protection.




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