A Brighter Future for Youth

Our aim is to provide a better future for youths by offering them opportunities to discover and develop their potential.

Kurdistan Save the Children/Youth Ability Development Program in the 2nd half of April and 1st half of May:

Youth Activity Center- Khanaqeen:

* On the 16/4/2017 an open English conversation was held for 55 youth.

* On the 20/4/2017 a calligraphy exhibition was opened for Ms. Derin Karim.

* On the 11/5/2017 opened an exhibition for 55 participants of a sewing course.

Youth Activity Center-Darbandixan:

* On the 25/4/2017 a forum was conducted for youths (Bwar Talib and Hawzhin Arif) under the title (effects of mental illnesses on the human body).

* On the 30/4/2017 a forum was conducted for sports trainer Mr. Mohammed Diesel and Mr. Nabaz, owner of Golden Body Company, provided the participants with gifts.


Youth Activity Center-Ranya

*On the 30/4/2017 a music and art festival was conducted.

*On the 30/4/2017 opened a hairdressing course for 16 youth.

* On the 8/5/2017 opened a table tennis course for 23 youth which lasted 2 days.

Youth Activity Center-Koya:

* On the 2/5/2017 opened a sewing course for 15 women.

Youth Activity Center-Sulaimani:

* Opened a hairdressing course for 35 youth.

* On the 11/5/2017 opened a Chess Department with the assistance of the Kurdistan Chess Federation.

Youth Activity Center-Kalar:

* On the 20/4/2017 opened an art exhibition for 15 youth beneficiaries.

* On the 5/5/2017 organized a mountain hiking trip for 30 youth to Branan Mountain.

* Youth artists decorated Ashna Primary School walls with pictures and cartoon characters.

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