The Opening of KSC’s Children’s Cultural Center- Arbat

The support and importance Mr. Jalal Talabany has provided for children continuously since the beginning of 1991. He has provided 2000 children with monthly financial support for children of Martyrs, genocides and vulnerable children. In addition to the number of surgeries, he has funded for children nationally and abroad and educational projects he has supported.

On the 21st of December 2016 at Arbat Camp an opening ceremony was conducted for KSC’s Children’s Cultural Center- Arbat in Arbat Refugee Camp for refugee children. The cost of the Cultural Center building and necessities were all funded by Mr. Jalal Talabany.

Refugee children from Kobani, Afren, Qamishhlo, Demashiq and Halab are residing in Arbat Refugee Camp and are beneficiaries of the Children’s Cultural Center-Arbat and also performed a number of recreational activities (songs, music and art exhibition) for the attendees at the opening Ceremony of the Cultural Center.

The Children’s Cultural Center is an educational and cultural project for children. The aim of the Kaziwa is protecting children by education, teaching, psychological support, social and health.

At now Kurdistan Save the Children manages the Children’s Cultural Centers (Sarra, Bazian, Chwarta, Sarshaqam, Arbat). The Kaziwa’s includes a number of continual departments and a number of temporary departments. The continual departments consist of (theater, music, art, ceramic, graphic, hand craft, hand football, library, educational classes, sport, children’s theater and electronic game).The temporary departments consist of (English course, computer course, Kurdish Latin writing, etc..).

This project is for all the children whose ages are between 6-14 years both genders.

The Cultural Center is open 5 days a week from 8:30am till 4pm.

The Children’s Cultural Center- Arbat has opened its door to children since August and the number of beneficiaries is 611 in which 394 are males and 217 are female.

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