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Educational and Teaching Program

Educational Program Apps encourage learning side-by-side with an engaged adult.

It’s an educational program specialized for children with special educational needs prepared by Kurdistan Save the Children.

Our aim in this project is the development of children’s growth through a program that consists of a number of applications and works via ios and android systems. This application is free of charge for people who work with children with special educational needs. It is also a scientific approach in helping families learn how to interact with their children. The educational games are designed and specialized for children with special needs and children aged from 1-6 years can also benefit from the app.

  • Professionaland colorful photographs – designed to be utilized by all ages and learning levels
  • Distraction-free design– clean and simple design allows for focus on the task
  • Free of charge app- accessible to everyone
  • Enriches vocabulary 
  • Multi-sensory learning see and hear when an answer is selected
  • Mind development
  • Language development
  • Visual and auditory development
  • Recognizing colors, numbers and the alphabet
  • No in-app purchases
  • No ads

The Educational Apps consist of a number of educational games, including:

Story Fruit Names Animals
Items Body Clothes
Time Addition and Subtraction Opposites
Maze Dot to Dot Colors
Actions Job Auditory Perception
Visual Perception Rhythm Alphabet
Reading Directions Recognizing the Alphabet

Auditory Perception







Pit Nasin


Visual Perception